COMFORT LOCK / CLC – cylinder lock comfort

ARX COMFORT door lock design is an engineered precision for best protection and security. COMFORT locks are easy to fit and offer a wide range of solutions for many applications: Single door, French door, doors with low threshold, etc. The highest levels of security are primarily ensured with an automatic door lock operation, in which our new Latch Bolt or Automatic Hook has the main role.

The door is locked when pulled shut. During door leaf closing, the Latch Bolts or Automatic Hook are automatically activated. Locking elements are secured, so it can’t be pushed back. From the inside, the door lock can be opened with a handle or with a key and from the outside, the door lock can be operated with a key.

Automatic hooks make a unique solution in combination with self-adjustment hook keep, which doesn’t need any adjustment during lifetime period. Even in case of bended door panel during different weather conditions, our patented solution ensure effortless functioning. Different versions of automatic locks can be supplied for the individual requirements and purposes.

To ensure security, longevity, reliability, and effortless use during a whole life cycle ARX door locks are designed to meet the following standards:

  • Security by Design (PAS 24)
  • Certification scheme for locks and multi-locking QM 342 in ift Rosenheim GmbH is in the process of obtaining



The main features of ARX COMFORT door locks are:

  • Unique solution in the gearbox, Latch Bolt (LB), Automatic Hook and Self Adjustment Strikers covered with more patents.
  • All Comfort door locks are prepared to be upgraded with iRX Smart Home solutions to allow access via different ways.
  • Daytime Release Function – with the DRF function, you can mechanically choose between two different operating modes of the Comfort door lock:
    • a) In the daytime mode doors can be opened from the inside and outside without a key.
    • b) In the nighttime mode, the door can be opened from the inside without a key, but it is impossible to open the door without a key from the outside. 
  •  Available with one piece or single striker for PVC, ALU, WOOD and Composite material.
  • High-quality material.
  • Hardware is easy to maintain, providing a simple and environmentally friendly degradation.
  • ARX door lock offers a wide range of solutions for different applications: French doors, stable doors, high doors, doors with low thresholds, etc.
  • ARX COMFORT door locks reduce the loss of thermal energy and improves sound insulation.
  • Ensuring the highest levels of security with different closing elements like Latch Bolt and Automatic Hook. Comfort with LATCH BOLT and HOOK provides an automatic door lock system with multiple security features and keyless ease of use that ensure end users with high security comfort. Doors are always multipoint securely locked, which offers insurance coverage as soon as one closes the door and mechanical burglar resistance with ARX security hardware.
  • Long-term operation.
  • Provides the highest corrosion protection ARX Coat Grade 5 according to EN1670 (480 hours exposure to salt spray).
  • Simple operation: Locking is performed automatically during the closing of the door. For additional security activation of the deadbolt is possible. By turning the key in the opposite direction, door lock mechanism is unblocked, while by pressing the handle, all locking elements are released.
  • The ARX COMFORT locks are available also in black colour.


The main features of SELF ADJUSTMENT STRIKER are:

  • Unique solution covered with patent.
  • Self-adjustment striker ensures optimal sash compression during a lifetime.
  • No need for striker adjustment when the door is bending because of the unique self-adjustment function.
  • Rolling solution in the striker ensures friction reduction and effortless handling of the door lock.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Reduces the loss of thermal energy and improves sound insulation.
  • Self-adjustment striker in combination with automatic hook presents a unique, innovative, comfortable, and secure solution of a door hardware.

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