ARX SPIN TURN&TILT window hardware is the result of many years of development. FACE-FIT SOLUTIONS for TURN & TILT hardware can be used for PVC, timber, and aluminum profile with Eurogroove 16 mm, while CONCEALED SOLUTIONS for T&T hardware can be used on PVC 12/20-13. Our TURN & TILT hardware boasts with many top design features that offers a reliable operation, security, and functionality.

The quality of ARX SPIN TURN&TILT hardware is confirmed by the Lifetime Warranty for functionality and a 10-year warranty ARX Coat anti-corrosion protection, which achieves GRADE 5 of surface protection. With a thoroughly made-out design, Lifetime Warranty and ARX COAT the ARX SPIN TURN & TILT will add a new value to your windows. Additional guarantee of quality is ensured for ARX SPIN hardware by ift Rosenheim, and it offers RC1 level of security for PVC system 12/20-13.


The main features of ARX SPIN TURN & TILT hardware are:

  • Wide range of solutions for PVC, ALU (Eurogroove 16 mm) and timber windows.
  • High quality and smooth operation after years of use thanks to the ROLLING CAMS and the reduced contact area between the parts of hardware where sliding contact occurs.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Wide range of applications and the possibility of combination with other product groups.
  • High quality production and installation of individual hardware sets by using highly automated production.
  • Easy adjustment for different window dimensions, shapes, and constructions.
  • Security hardware RC1 for PVC 12/20-13 is certified by the ift Rosenheim Institute.
  • ARX SPIN for PVC profiles achieves the highest level of H3 according to the certification scheme QM 328.
  • ARX SPIN for TIMBER profiles achieves the level of H2 according to the certification scheme QM 328.
  • Guarantee of the Lifetime Warranty for functionality.
  • Providing the 10-year warranty for the ARX Coat the highest corrosion protection Grade 5 according to EN1670 (480 hours exposure to salt spray).
  • Possibility of R CAMS & RS cams
    • a) R cams incorporate a regulatory function which allows installer or user to optimize the window compression by +/- 1.2 mm (hex key size 4), thereby improving the sealing properties of windows and balcony doors. Moreover, the R cams provide smoother operation to window users who only need to apply a minimum force to operate the handle.
    • b) RS cams provide superior level of security at closing points (with security strikers). Their height adjusts automatically to fit the air gap between sash and frame. The compression can be regulated by +/- 0.8 mm (hex key size 2.5mm or spanner 10mm). The rolling cam enables smoother and easier closing operation. RS cams can be used in combination with both security strikers and standard strikers.
  • Possibility of night vent option thanks to corner drive with built-in night vent and the corresponding frame piece thereof that allows gentle circulation of air through its gap in case of hot weather or to prevent glass condensation, or even mold forming. The window’s handle is set at the 45-degree angle between the turn and tilt position.
  • ARX SPIN TILT & TURN for simple, fast and efficient installation with SNAP FUNCTION slider and straight cut.

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