Main features of our door locks besides modular design are smooth operating and high endurance. Over 10 million installed door locks and over 35 years of experience are a guarantee for quality. Handle operated door lock system ensures most diverse security requirements and a wide range of solution for single and French doors. They also provide high level of flexibility, as the door height can be increased by using a variety of combinations. In addition to high security, they are adjustable to hard climate and ensure good compression along the whole height of the door leaf. Strong sealing reduces the loss of thermal energy and improves sound insulation. By using different closing elements such as R cam, RS cam, and hook we can provide different levels of security.

To ensure security, longevity, reliability, and effortless use during a whole life cycle ARX door locks are designed and tested to meet the standards:

  • Security by Design Requirements (PAS 24)
  • Certification scheme for locks and multi locking QM 342 in ift Rosenheim GmbH.


The main features of ARX HANDLES OPERATED DOOR LOCKS are:

  • Patented solution in gearbox for effortless handling.
  • High-quality material.
  • High quality production and installation of individual hardware sets by using highly automated production.
  • Hardware is easy to maintain, providing a simple and environmentally friendly degradation.
  • ARX door lock offers a wide range of custom solutions for different applications: French door, stable door, storm door, doors with low threshold, etc.
  • ARX HANDLE OPERATED door locks reduces the loss of thermal energy and improves sound insulation.
  • Ensuring different levers of security with different closing elements such as R cam, RS cam and hook.
  • Long-term operation.
  • Provides the highest corrosion protection ARX Coat Grade 5 according to EN1670 (480 hours exposure to salt spray).
  • Simple operation:

Locking and unlocking system are operated with simplicity: by lifting the handle, locking is performed, and all locking elements are closed, while with the turning of the key, door lock mechanism is blocked and secured. By turning the key in the opposite direction, door lock mechanism is unblocked, while with pressing the handle, all locking elements are released.

  • Closing elements for handle operated locks enables easy handling thanks to R cams and high security levels thanks to RS cam. Latest offer Hardened insert for higher level of security, optionally with reverse action thanks to its bi-directional hook.
  • Possibility of R cams & RS cams:
    • R cam is designed on principle of bearing what ensure effortless handling of ARX Door locks. With great level of compression adjustment (+/- 1.2 mm) is the perfect solution for optimal sealing. Combination of hook and R cam ensures ideal combination of excellent sealing and highest level of security to ARX Door locks.
    • RS cam is designed on the same principle as a bearing that ensures effortless handling of ARX Door locks. With its T shape it is an ideal solution for effortless handling, higher security level, and excellent sealing. The compression can be regulated by +/- 0.8 mm (hex key size 2.5mm or spanner size 10mm).
  • Bi-directional Hook: Genius design of the hook mechanism can integrate reversing action into hook gearbox as an option. This patented solution ensures steel hook closing in two directions simultaneously – up or down with one travel of a driving road. Steel hook has an integrated hardened steel inset that prevents sawing. Compact dimensions of the hook gearbox, reduces fabrication cost thru shortening the time needed for routing.

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