Cylinder operated lock - cl

ARX DOOR Cylinder operated door lock is standard solution for customer that likes classic key operation handling. Cylinder operated door lock system ensures most diverse security requirements and a wide range of solution for single and French doors. They also provide high level of flexibility, as the door height can be increased by using a variety of combinations. In addition to high security, they are adjustable to hard climate and ensure good compression along the whole height of the door leaf. Strong sealing reduces the loss of thermal energy and improves sound insulation. By using different closing elements such as R cam, RS cam and Hook, we can provide different levels of security.


The main features of ARX CILINDER DOOR LOCK are:

  • Available with one piece striker or single strikers for different materials.
  • Hardware is easy to maintain, providing a simple and environmentally friendly degradation.
  • High-quality material.
  • Long-term operation.
  • Provides the highest corrosion protection ARX Coat Grade 5 according to EN1670 (480 hours exposure to salt spray)

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