• ARX division 2022 highlights

    ARX division 2022 highlights

Golden Highlights of the ARX Division in 2022

Anunced: 8 December 2022

For more than 68 years, we have been creating in Loška Dolina, where the ARX division develops first-class sustainable solutions in the field of building hardware and components by modifying materials. Pristine nature, mostly surrounded by forested landscapes, inspires us as a company to be committed to a sustainable future.

Throughout the year 2022, we have focused on efficiency, caring for our communities, planning for the best future, and protecting the living environment.

The fruits of our hard work can be seen in the joint accomplishments of business expansion, production, modernisation, development of smart solutions, innovation, and environmental and social responsibility.


In the ARX division, we were successful in entering new markets in Spain, Australia, and Taiwan in 2022, and we are expanding and consolidating our recognition in America and Italy, ensuring the future stability of our business. 

By modernising production with automated lines, improving job ergonomics, and increasing productivity, we are also improving working conditions for our employees.


We are entering new sustainable projects with the production of accumulator battery components. The ever-increasing number of installed solar power plants has resulted in a significant increase in demand for batteries for electricity storage. As a development supplier, we actively participated in the design of the above-mentioned housing for storing solar, wind, or other generated electricity, thereby contributing to efforts toward greater self-sufficiency and free energy sources for a kinder attitude toward nature and environmental preservation today and tomorrow.


The industry is driven by novelties, innovations, and smart solutions. Our primary focus is on smart solutions for sustainable homes and buildings. To that end, we have established a new sub-brand iRX Smart Home with a range of products suitable for smart applications, where we are actively developing solutions for a high level of safety and life simplification through smart locking systems.

Excessive energy consumption is another important issue to which we pay close attention. At the ARX division, we create solutions that help our customers compete in the market, while always keeping the end user in mind. With the Automatic Self-Adjusting Security System for Doors, we have thus ensured the excellent operation of the front door, as well as the reduction of thermal losses and noise intrusion from the surrounding area. The Chamber of Commerce recognised our innovation as one of the main innovations in Slovenia in 2022.


Given that we are located in a geographically sensitive green area, we are also investing our resources and knowledge into reducing the negative impacts and handling important environmental aspects. Maintaining clean ecosystems is critical for us and our descendants, so standard certificates are used to confirm our processes and product portfolio regularly.

In 2022, we began the year with a newly obtained certificate by the standards EN 1191 and EN 12400 and the QM 342 scheme for door locks, issued by ift Rosenheim, the leading authority in window and door hardware testing in Europe. We also successfully passed the RC2 anti-burglary test on PVC profiles by DIN EN 1627-1630, indicating that our window hardware is resistant to high-force burglaries and demonstrating our commitment to cutting-edge technological solutions.


Last but not least, we encourage the growth of individual local communities with which we coexist in Slovenia's green zone. This time, we helped local beekeepers to promote diversity, development, and preservation of shared heritage and local communities. Slovenians are very close to the beekeeping industry as a nation of beekeepers.

More than 70 beekeepers are registered in Loška Dolina, and honey is of high quality due to the unspoiled nature of the forest, which has no emissions or industry and is surrounded by a diverse animal world, which includes bees.

Bees must join forces for just one glass of honey, fly approximately 90,000 kilometres, and visit approximately 2 million flowers. It takes courage, collaboration, respect, excellence, and reliability. These bee qualities are also the values that we cultivate, live, and appreciate in the ARX division, so that our work can be successful and lead to a brighter future for all of us.

This year's accomplishments were thus summed up in a gift, symbolically represented by a glass of locally produced forest honey. We give it to partners and employees with the desire and ambition that quality will become an important factor for everyone and inspiration in creating new achievements and opportunities. We encourage them to use these values as a guide and an unshakeable pillar for a successful path to a more beautiful and kinder tomorrow.

Bringing top quality into every home or workplace is a mission that we diligently pursue to ensure people's well-being and the best living experience possible.

Have a wonderful and happy holiday season and best wishes for future success in all areas of your endeavour.

Arx division highlights: smart home solutions, innovation, environmental and social responsibility

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