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Concealed hinge side – ARX solutions

Anunced: 15 February 2023

Many builders and home renovation companies are starting to offer concealed hinge side for windows as an option for their clients. The demand for these products has been increasing in recent years for several reasons, mostly due to their sleek and modern appearance and the added security and energy efficiency they can provide.


There are several important reasons why customers all over the globe are considering concealed hinge side products for their projects:

  • Modern appearance that can enhance the overall look of a building, making it more professional and desirable to potential customers.
  • Added security, which is important for businesses that want to protect their assets and employees.
  • Energy efficiency which helps  reduce the energy costs for businesses, making them more cost-effective in the long run;
  • Easy maintenance as the hinges are hidden and not exposed to the elements. This can help to reduce maintenance costs for businesses;


Market needs are changing and at ARX we are constantly adapting to demands dictated by the market.

Based on the huge versatility of knowledge implemented into the design and applied research ARX INSIDE is offering an innovative solution to the market, that boasts many top features offering reliable operation, security, and functionality.

ARX experts named the top 5 BENEFITS explaining why you should add the INSIDE range to your portfolio list:

  • Highest durability class H3 -> ift Rosenheim certificate according to the EN13126-8 standard, and to QM 328 scheme on PVC profiles;
  • Easy adjustment for different window dimensions, shapes, and constructions;
  • All parts of ARX Inside hinge side are mounted without any jigs;
  • The solutions in ARX Inside mechanisms are protected by 2 innovative patents.®; where the sash stays fixed because of the clever innovative spring mechanism,
  • Easy to assemble and use. ARX solution is more rigid than usual solutions and offers better access to the adjustment screw for sash adjustment. This makes INSIDE more convenient for businesses, especially in emergency situations;

Overall, the trend for concealed hinge side building hardware is a growing one, with an increasing demand for sleek, modern, and functional hardware solutions in both residential and commercial construction.

Do not overlook the numerous advantages offered by ARX INSIDE. Increase your competitiveness in the market with a team of experts and expand your offer with products that will make you stand out.

Concealed hinge side - sleek appearance and reliable operation.

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