Anunced: 4 April 2023

In early February, we organised a meeting of management, salespeople, and product managers at the ARX division to present the new sales strategy. Our collaborative project, to which we devoted a significant amount of time as well as a portion of our opinions and commitment, was presented in its entirety.

We presented a financial plan, a country-specific action plan, and departmental strategies with our main focuses and goals for the next five years of operations.

In order to successfully prepare a strategy, we needed to lay a solid foundation and answer key questions about who we are, how we operate, what we believe in, and what values drive us.


ARX is a building hardware manufacturer known for its flexibility, innovation, and agility. We work as a family of open,  devoted, and responsible colleagues committed to sustainable development, environmental protection, and conservation. As a comprehensive building joinery solutions provider, we offer exclusive products with added value. Our goal is to make every house a comfortable and safe place to live.

Creating and satisfying customer needs is essential to the success of our division, which is based on providing quality products that meet customers' needs and desires. Producing innovative and high-quality products helps the company grow by allowing it to stand out from the competition and maintain a competitive advantage in the market. Both processes are intertwined and mutually beneficial, contributing to the ARX division's long-term success and growth.


We at ARX believe that success is the result of a passionate approach, teamwork, and dedication to goals. Our passion, determination, and commitment, combined with teamwork and creativity, enable us to successfully respond to market changes and meet our customers' needs.

Profitability is critical for a company's long-term success and survival. When a company earns a profit, it can invest in its development and growth, allowing it to maintain a competitive advantage and strengthen its market position. Creating customer needs and trust is crucial for long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty. ARX understands how to create customer needs and trust to provide high-quality services and products, contributing to a positive image and success.

The ability to find and offer the best solutions meets customer needs while adapting to changing market conditions. We can ensure high-quality services and products when we know how to offer the best solutions, which contributes to long-term success and customer satisfaction. Effective teamwork requires team spirit and trust in colleagues. When a team works as a unit and has faith in its members, it can solve problems and achieve goals more quickly and efficiently, which contributes to good business performance.

Daring is essential for business growth and innovation. When employees are willing to explore new opportunities and solutions, the company can grow more quickly and adapt to changing market conditions.


Our values define the fundamental principles and goals of the division and ensure unity among employees. Clear and positive values are also essential for meeting customer needs and establishing a positive PC ARX image. That is why we are committed to preserving and strengthening values in order to continue operating successfully and sustainably.

The key values in the ARX division are intertwined and propel us forward into a bright future, so we re-evaluated and defined them with our colleagues:

  • EARNINGS We provide financial security and strive to strike a balance between financial objectives and values such as health, family, and friendship.
  • COLLABORATION We assist in accomplishing common goals more effectively and efficiently, as well as creating a more connected and collaborative environment in which we operate.
  • KNOWLEDGE We understand the world around us and are able to solve problems and improve people's quality of life with high-quality products.
  • INNOVATION With engineering excellence and a long tradition, we value and encourage new and fresh approaches to meet challenges and improve products.
  • FLEXIBILITY We adapt to global changes and have a competitive range of products to respond quickly to challenges and opportunities.
  • PASSION We are highly motivated and dedicated to our work, which allows us to develop new products and meet the highest standards.
  • PERSISTENCE leads to the successful and long-term achievement of goals, the pursuit of smart solutions, and the development of determined and successful individuals and employees.
  • CONNECTING We share our knowledge, experiences, and ideas with others in order to gain new perspectives and establish important partnerships.

Values are also important for employee motivation and satisfaction, and above all, for them to thrive in their working environment, so over the next two months we will personally refresh and equip our business premises with each of their photographs, and we will also personally present the strategy to all employees so that we can all internalise it and put it into action more easily.

Our work, drive, courage in facing challenges, mutual cooperation, and desire to explore ourselves and the environment in which we operate are just getting started, and we are confident that we have laid a solid foundation that will lead us to a successful business and personal fulfilment in the coming years.

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