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ARX door hardware – a combination of function, security, and design

Anunced: 11 April 2023

When we think of doors at ARX, we see more than just a simple entryway. We elevate the quality of living by keeping the end user, security, functionality, ease of operation, material longevity, and design perfection in mind. We understand that door hardware must be specifically designed for the purpose for which it is intended.

The significance of door hardware should not be overlooked during the construction process. Paying extra attention to details when it comes to door hardware provides numerous advantages, including aesthetic enhancement, durability, added security, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.


ARX is the premier source for entrance door hardware, slide door hardware, interior door hardware, and specific building hardware parts such as handles, locks, and cylinders. Keeping the end user in mind allows us to provide the best solutions tailored to specific demands. Our versatile door hardware product range is appropriate for any project, from residential buildings to industrial constructions, and offers numerous custom-made solutions.


We like to say that ARX door hardware provides double comfort. First and foremost, door hardware should provide the end user with the convenience of functionality and quality; ARX door hardware incorporates both at the highest level, with the best level of security offered by our high-quality door locks, the excellent sealing capacity of the door leafs, reduction of heat loss, energy efficiency, and simple usage. Second, manufacturers are not left out – adhering to all manufacturing standards, door hardware is easy to assemble, modular, and adaptable to the requirements of different markets (England, France …).


Raising the quality of living necessitates the constant development of flexible solutions and innovative technology. Therefore, as a complement to ARX door hardware, we provide the best iRX Smart Home solutions – bio reader, handles with reader, and cylinder.We are constantly upgrading our existing product range and developing new features of our iRX Smart Home solutions to ensure end users the highest levels of security and to offer our business partners market competitiveness.

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