Investing in the future – New foundry machine with robotic cell in ARX machine park

Anunced: 4 September 2023

Staying competitive in today's dynamic market requires continuous investment in new equipment and technology. At ARX, we understand the importance of innovation, and that is why our latest upgrade represents our commitment to pushing the boundaries of casting operations. The new foundry machine, integrated with its own robotic cell, provides our customers and partners with quality hardware for windows and doors, as well as components for other customers.

Watch the foundry machine with robotic cell in action:

The robotic cell next to the casting machine ensures an automated work process, with appropriate manipulation of products, that prevents unwanted damage. By immediately returning the inflows to the furnace, it ensures that the energy losses needed to melt the alloy are reduced. All of this, of course, also leads to better working conditions for our workers.

Increasing competitiveness and enabling sales growth

Modernising our machine park and replacing old machines will increase our competitiveness, making it easier for us to keep up with market demands and acquire more demanding business.

Quality assurance and accuracy

The new machines are equipped with advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms. This ensures the precision, accuracy, and stability of the process. This means our customers can always expect consistently high-quality products that promote trust and satisfaction in our services.

Improved productivity and efficiency

With the new machine and robotic cell, we are increasing productivity and efficiency, through greater process stability, less downtime, less maintenance and potentially shorter machine cycles.

Low power consumption

Compared to the previous machine, the new casting machine is designed with a focus on reducing energy consumption without compromising performance. Through advanced engineering and innovative technology, it significantly reduces the overall energy requirements of our production processes, resulting in lower operating costs and a more environmentally friendly approach to production.

Investing in success

At ARX, we firmly believe that investing in the latest technology is key to our continued success. We demonstrate our commitment to innovation and maintaining competitive value in the industry by modernising production. To this end, ARX has already formulated a plan to modernise the casting machine in the coming years, which will enable us to continue to provide quality products to our customers and partners.

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