ift Certificate for ARX COMFORT Cylinder Lock

New ift Certificate for ARX COMFORT Cylinder Lock

Anunced: 16 November 2023

Along with the progress of modern technology and thus threats of intrusion into buildings, users' security requirements have also evolved. At ARX, we know the cylinder lock is the frontline defence, safeguarding homes and establishments against unauthorised access.

This realization led us to engineer the ARX COMFORT cylinder lock, which with its innovative solution goes beyond traditional security principles.

In line with the QM 342 certification scheme and our dedication to ensuring the highest standards of door hardware products, we are proud to announce that we have obtained the prestigious QM342 certificate for our group of CLC Door locks with Latch Bolts and Automatic Hook AH /Automatic Self-Adjusting Door System - ASASS.

The ARX COMFORT / CLC door locks have successfully undergone rigorous testing by the esteemed testing authority ift Rosenheim, following prEN 15685:2011, which includes an endurance test of 200,000 service cycles and a detailed assessment of the mechanical load test. In addition, our door locks have passed the corrosion protection quality assessment.

The certificate covers locks with a faceplate of 16, 20, and U24 mm and various mandrel offsets (35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 65). In addition, the certificate is valid both for the implementation of the day-night regime (DRF) and without it.

The ARX COMFORT Cylinder Lock Design

The ARX COMFORT automatic door lock is more than just a locking mechanism; it is an innovative solution designed to ensure exceptional security. What distinguishes it is its precise design, which seeks a balance between robust protection and user-friendly operation.

Automatic Locking Mechanism

At the heart of this innovation lies an automatic door lock mechanism. When the door is closed, the locking elements are automatically activated which prevents any attempt to push it back. When the door leaf is closed, latches or an automatic hook engage, locking the door, without the need to manually operate the handle. This smart mechanism significantly increases security while eliminating the weaknesses that traditional locking mechanisms might have.

Unique Self-Adjustment Striker

One standout feature of the ARX COMFORT automatic door lock is its patented ASASS system. This sophisticated mechanism ensures that the door leaf is always pressed against the frame with optimal force even in changing weather conditions, which causes the door leaf to bend. The optimal contact pressure of the door leaf effectively contributes to lower thermal energy loss, better sound insulation and smooth operation of the door lock.

The rolling solution in the striker ensures friction reduction and effortless handling of the door lock.

Compatibility and upgradeability

The ARX COMFORT automatic door lock can be upgraded with iRX Smart Home solutions that allow access in various ways to meet evolving security needs.

The obtained ift Rosenheim certificate proves that the ARX COMFORT automatic door lock meets rigorous standards and thus offers more than just long-term efficient use - it ensures our safety and peace of mind.

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